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3 days ago
Photo Contest | Soil and Water Conservation Society

The photo contest begins January 20, 2021, and ends May 21, 2021. Entries submitted before or after the entry period will not be eligible.

4 days ago
The Global Soil Partnership

The main sources of #SoilPollution are due to human activities ☢️ and have left a legacy of polluted soils worldwide.

Find out more in the full infographic below ⬇

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1 week ago
ISC2020 | Juriquilla, Mx.

Welcome to Mexico for the VI International Soil Classification Congress, part of the events organized by Commission 1.4 of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)

1 week ago
The Global Soil Partnership

Take a look at some of the many #SoilFunctions and discover how soil shapes most facets of our daily lives. 🤎

Discover the infographic also in ➡️ French | Spanish | Chinese | Russian | ... See more

2 weeks ago
The Global Soil Partnership

Do you want to measure your #Carbon sequestration?

The GSOC MRV PROTOCOL 👉 is a huge achievement for the #soils of the 🌏 and for users who can now ... See more

2 weeks ago
European Society for Soil Conservation - ESSC

1st International Joint Congress
Santo Stefano di Camastra (Italy) 10-14 November 2021

2 weeks ago
The Global Soil Partnership

Today is #WorldWaterDay! 💙💧💙
Water and #Soil share a beautiful bond that is responsible for all life on 🌎🌍🌏

Healthy soils are crucial for maintaining food production and clean ... See more

3 weeks ago
The Global Soil Partnership

Did you miss the Global Soil Symposium on Soil Erosion❓ Take a look at the 670-page proceedings below and learn more about one of the main #SoilThreat worldwide! 🌏

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3 weeks ago
The Global Soil Partnership

Don't forget to register to the GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM ON SOIL BIODIVERSITY ‼️🌱🐌🐛🐞

🗓 19-22 April 2021
⏰ 13:00 - 16:00 CET
💻 Virtual meeting

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Hrvatsko tloznanstveno društvo

Na temelju članaka 11. (Zakona o udrugama) (Narodne novine, broj 70/97 i 106/97), Sabor Hrvatskog društva za proučavanje tla održan 10. siječnja 2000. donio je odluku o promjeni naziva društva u Hrvatsko tloznanstveno društvo i Statut.


Prof. dr. sc. Brigita Popović
Doc. dr. sc. Marko Petek
Doc. dr. sc. Vladimir Zebec
Članica predsjedništva:
Doc. dr. sc. Aleksandra Perčin
Član predsjedništva:
Zoran Užila, dipl. ing. agr.


Tloznanstvene discipline u Hrvatskoj imaju čvrste temelje i dugu tradiciju.

Ključna je za njihov razvitak 1877. godina, u kojoj je poslije početka visokoškolske nastave na Višem hrvatskom kraljevskom, gospodarskom i šumarskom učilištu u Križevcima ...