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3 months ago
How can you be the solution to soil pollution

Even through your small actions you can contribute to a big goal, to #StopSoilPollution. Reduce, reuse and recycle can help you, your community by improving ...

3 months ago
ISMC Conference — ISMC

Seven sessions highlight the advances in soil modeling during the ISMC Conference 2018. Nov. 5-7, 2018 at Wageningen University and Research, NL. Call for abstracts. Abstract submission open from ... See more

3 months ago
W.E.B.S. - World Event Business Solutions

WEBS - Organisateur de conférences, de congrès professionnels, d'expositions, de rencontres d'affaire et d'événementiel

3 months ago
Stop soil erosion, keep soil where it belongs! erosion poses a major threat to global food security and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development...

3 months ago
World Congress of Soil Science 2022 - British Society of Soil Science

The WCSS is a leading international soil science conference, held every four years in different countries and attended by over 3,000 soil scientists from around the globe.

3 months ago
The Global Soil Partnership

What could happen if we start losing our #Soils⁉️

Take a look at the infographic illustrating the 5 key impacts linked to #SoilErosion👇👇👇

3 months ago
2021 Annual Conference | Soil and Water Conservation Society

The 76th Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) International Annual Conference, taking place virtually, July 26-28, 2021, will provide the opportunity for attendees around the world to share ... See more

3 months ago
New Zealand Society of Soil Science

The draft programme is also now online and the ... See more

3 months ago
The Global Soil Partnership

Today is the first day of the Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity 2021! 🌱🌎🐞🌏🍄🌍🐜

The #GSOBI21 will feature several outstanding international guests, a scientific poster ... See more

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Hrvatsko tloznanstveno društvo

Na temelju članaka 11. (Zakona o udrugama) (Narodne novine, broj 70/97 i 106/97), Sabor Hrvatskog društva za proučavanje tla održan 10. siječnja 2000. donio je odluku o promjeni naziva društva u Hrvatsko tloznanstveno društvo i Statut.


Prof. dr. sc. Brigita Popović
Doc. dr. sc. Marko Petek
Doc. dr. sc. Vladimir Zebec
Članica predsjedništva:
Doc. dr. sc. Aleksandra Perčin
Član predsjedništva:
Zoran Užila, dipl. ing. agr.


Tloznanstvene discipline u Hrvatskoj imaju čvrste temelje i dugu tradiciju.

Ključna je za njihov razvitak 1877. godina, u kojoj je poslije početka visokoškolske nastave na Višem hrvatskom kraljevskom, gospodarskom i šumarskom učilištu u Križevcima ...